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De La Salle u15 Gold hold-on to beat Gymea in epic Grand Final encounter

In an age group which had previously been dominated by the Kurnell Stingrays, this season saw the emergence of two new worthy teams that would set a new benchmark. This match was destined to be an Epic encounter based on the previous encounters this season.

Both teams faced-off against each other in the final round of competition at the Gorilla Pit to decide the minor premiership. On that day it was De La Salle who outplayed Gymea despite the Gorilla's having the home ground advantage. De La took the minorship wiith a convincing 10 - 0 win.

While De La took the physiological advantage into the Grand Final, it was Gymea who would come into the match with unfinished business and something to prove. To add some colour to an already colourful match, there were three former Como players Tanna Featherstone (De La Salle), Koby Heffernan (De La Salle) and Fynn Perryman (Gymea) now playing for new clubs and facing off against each other in the ultimate decider which of course would also come with bragging rights.

The match started with both teams steely focused on one objective and that was winning. Neither team were giving an inch. With a try a piece at half-time, the teams went into the main break at 4 - 4.

As the match wore on, it was Gymea who appeared to have De La Salle rattled having answers to every move and then some. Despite Gymea having all of the momentum and the lead late in the match it would ultimately be a lapse in defense that would see De La Salle prevail. A late try close to the posts squared things up at 12 points all with the conversion ultimately being the deciding margin in what had been an epic Grand Final match.

In the dying minutes of the match Gymea continued to threaten throwing everything at De La Salle - including the kitchen sink - but in the end couldn't pull off the Hail Mary play that would have seen them steal back the lead and the game.

Both teams should be congratulated on what was one of the closest, hard fought and entertaining Grand Finals of the weekend.

Congratulations De La Salle - 14 to 12 victors over Gymea.

Pictures: Adam Wrightson

For high resolution photos:

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