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Cronulla Junior Rugby League Tackles Junior Player Protection

Cronulla Junior Rugby League (CJRL) have taken a pro-active approach to protecting new participants and fostering positive attitudes by players regarding their own safety as they learn the game. With the generous support of Shire Steel and Experience Sport, CJRL have provided all new players in the under 6 age group with a set of headgear at no cost.

Aside from defraying the cost of this protective headwear for parents, providing participating children with the confidence to take on attacking and defensive situations with a level of protection is a goal of this initiative.

CJRL Deputy Chairman John Mannah was on hand to launch the initiative at Sutherland Oval on Saturday. “This is a great way to assist those just starting out in our game by providing a new set of headgear.

Not only does it provide a level of protection as they learn attacking and defensive techniques in the game, it helps children develop responsible habits around use of protective equipment, which has applications not only in sport but in many facets of our lives.” Mannah said. “The support of Experience Sport and Shire Steel in making this happen must be applauded, and we are very grateful” he added.

Mannah launched the inititative in front of assembled guests including Sharks CEO Dino Mezzatesta, CJRL board members, CJRL club officials and under 6 players, as well as Russell Lewis from Shire Steel who sponsored the initiative.

“This is a great initiative and we are very happy for Shire Steel to be involved in enhancing the safety of junior players in CJRL competitions. I personally have a long association with Rugby League in the Shire and it means a lot that we can be a part of such a great project which helps the development of young Rugby League players.” Lewis commented.

Sharks Mascots were also on hand to mark the occasion as junior players received their free headgear in Sharks colours.

See below the full gallery of photos from the day below thanks to Cronulla JRL Photographer Adam Wrightson.

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