The Cronulla-Sutherland Junior Rugby League is the association that governs the clubs in local and NSWRL combined competitions.


Cronulla JRL Sponsors:

Made of up 14 clubs with over 5,000 players, competitions are held from April to September each year in age groups from Under 6 to Open Age.  There is a range of competitions to suite everyone including contact and non-contact versions of Rugby League. Have you ever thought of becoming a referee?
We have something for everyone...

There is a form of Rugby League to suit everyone. All contact junior rugby league up to and including u15's is played under the NRL Safe Play Code which is designed to eradicate dangerous tackles and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Girls can play in mixed contact junior rugby league teams up to an including u12's. For more information on safety and Safe Play codes visit the Play Rugby League website

There are competitions for every level of ability and non-contact versions as well. Below is a list of all the competitions and forms of the game supported in the Cronulla JRL.

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Junior Rugby League

Play junior rugby league - its fun and safe with participation from u6 all the way up to Open divisions. Girls can play this contact format of the game up until and including u12's. 

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Ladies Tag

Girls are lining up to play this non-contact form of rugby league. Player numbers continue to grow and most junior clubs have teams across all age groups. 

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Men's over 35
Tag League

Relive the glory days and join a local club's Tag League team to play this non-contact form of Rugby League for men over 35 years old. 


Girls & Woman's Tackle

For those older girls and young woman wanting to play contact rugby league then the Cronulla JRL also has a number of teams in different age groups to allow you to keep playing. 

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Become a

We need referees to have a game. Think about becoming a referee. 

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General Manager

Tyrone Collins
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Competition Administrator

Jenny McNamara
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Nathan Waugh
Cronulla JRL Exec-003 Edited modified.jp

Deputy Chairman

John Mannah
Cronulla JRL Exec-001 edited modified.jp

Executive Director

Amanda Kayes
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Director - Member Services

Simone Osfield
Adam Wrightson-44-Edit.jpg

Director - Finance

Adam Wrightson
  • Patrons – Graeme Morrison, Barry Pierce, Jack Stewart, Graeme Oates, Marie Withers and Scott Morrison (Prime Minister of Australia)

  • Vice-Presidents
    Belinda Green
    Michael Toro
    John Keith
    Faith Perryman

       ​Paul Kempton

  • Grounds Committee  – John Adamson

  • Registration & Grading Chairperson – Tony Robinson

  • Promotions Committee Chairperson – Kathy Ismay

  • Social Committee Chairperson – Vacant

  • Coaching Director – Alan Kayes

  • Arbitration and Appeals Chairperson – Michael Hingerty

  • Constitution & Rules Chairperson - Shaun Osfield

  • Referees Association – Vacant

  • Child Protection Officer – Michael Toro

  • Auditors – Maher Partner