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Gallery - Open Silver Grand Final - Bosco vs Renown

When the Bosco Bulldogs fielded a senior team in 2021, it would be their first open aged team to compete in almost a decade. After the 2021 season was abandoned, the boys felt like there was unfinished business and so set their sites to this years 2022 Open Silver title.

Due to wash-outs and the draw Bosco and Renown would not play each other during the season proper until the final round. Up until this point both Bosco and renown had been undefeated albeit had not yet played each other.

Bosco would ultimately win both games against Renown in both the final round and the following weeks semi-final without conceding a single point to the team they would ultimately play in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final looked like heading in the same direction as their previous 2 matches with the Bosco boys taking the early ascendency. In the second half Renown rallied and put on 16 points to give Bosco a scare.

But nothing was going to deny the Bosco Bulldogs their senior trophy in 2022 and they put the game beyond doubt late in the second half to be crowned the Open Silver Champions in what was a long awaited return of senior football at the club.

Bosco Bulldogs 24


Renown United 16


Pictures: Adam Wrightson

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