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Junior Rugby League set to make a comeback in July 2020...


Dear members,

A quick update to you all in relation to the return of junior rugby league in the Sutherland Shire.

I would first like to thank you all for your ongoing patience and support through this period. I can only imagine how difficult this unprecedented time in our history must have been for some of our local families and I wish to acknowledge them and let them know that as a Rugby League family, there are many shoulders to lean on for support if needed. There are some amazing people in our community.

Secondly, I give you an insight to where our Board, committee and clubs are at, with getting ourselves in a position to begin conducting sanctioned training sessions and competitions again.

There is a lot to be considered before we are in a position to participate in a 2020 season. Our clubs have a lot to overcome before they can confirm there participation in any rugby league activities. These hurdles may not necessarily be focussed on Covid-19 specific guidelines and framework, but delving into their individual financial positions and also the depth of their volunteer workforce to assist with added burden being placed on club members. There is no doubt that our clubs will need an extra hand from players parents if they are to be capable of upholding the guidelines imposed on them under the governments return to sport framework. Please reach out to your local club if you are in a position to help this season.

My concern for our clubs is not so much whether they can participate this year, but whether they can participate next year or the year after. Our clubs have missed out on vital revenue streams that come from local pub raffles that have not been able to be conducted due to closures, canteen revenue missed out on to date due to the competition being delayed, the ongoing losses of revenue due to crowd numbers being restricted at grounds. Our clubs will be going over their financial positions and reporting to the JRL over the next week. Along with that, there will be meetings with clubs next week to conduct education framework around Covid-19 guidelines being imposed by the NSW government. 

Clubs will have to introduce a Covid-19 Safety officer and also submit a Covid-19 safety plan specific to their club and ground before any training can return. I must stress that until this is completed and approved, the accidental injury insurance we have will not cover players.

In keeping you up to date the following timelines is being followed, after this we will have a better idea where the Cronulla JRL sits.

  1. Meetings with clubs to provide Covid-19 education package.

  2. Clubs to submit names of Safety Officers and safety plans.

  3. Clubs to make a decision on whether they believe they can participate this year and be financial for the years following.

  4. Once ALL clubs have returned this info and have it approved, we will permit all clubs to return to training at the same time. NON CONTACT training will be in place until July 1.

  5. On July 1,2020 FULL CONTACT training will return.

  6. Aim to begin competition by July 18, 2020 for up to and including U18 comps only.

As constituents of your clubs, please understand that the executives of each club are working very hard to get your kids on the field, but there are some big decisions to be made to ensure that your club survives this year and can be viable for years to come.

This Cronulla JRL executive and myself are here to assist our clubs and provide advice and support throughout this process. We want to see all 14 clubs still here for years to come!

I will provide further update to you all once we have met with clubs next week.

Yours in Rugby League!



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