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Junior Rugby League returning under COVIDSAFE guidelines

When the Cronulla Junior Rugby League returns in just a few weeks time, you can be rest assured that we are doing so having followed strict government and department of sport guidelines to ensure the safety of our players and the broader community in general.

All of our junior clubs have had to commit to following a comprehensive set of COVID-19 safety guidelines including the creation and adherence of a detailed safety plan. In addition all clubs will have a dedicated COVID-19 Safety Officer ensuring that safety guidelines are being followed at training and on game day around the grounds.

Some of the safety initiatives and changes you will see in place when the season commences on July 18 include:

  • All players and spectators are encouraged to practice good hygiene which includes covering their faces to sneeze, washing your hands regularly and not attending games if you are unwell.

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be available at every ground and everyone will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly including upon arrival and when leaving the ground on game day.

  • Players will not be permitted to share drink bottles and trainers will not be permitted to administer water during the game.

  • Games will be split into quarters to allow for players to rest and get a drink of water. In some instances total game times have also been reduced.

  • Players will not be permitted to get changed for their game at the ground. They must arrive dressed and ready to play.

  • Players, coaching staff and officials will be required to social-distance (1.5m) on the side-line and shaking of hands at the end of the game will not be permitted at this time.

  • Everyone is encouraged to download and activate the COVID SAFE app.

While we are all enthusiastic to see a return of junior rugby league and children's sport in general, we are extremely conscience of ensuring we have a framework in place that allows us to do so safely.

For more information in relation to the NSWRL COVID-19 guidelines which the Cronulla JRL and participating clubs will be adhering to visit:

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