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u12 Div1 Gold GF2020 - Engadine breaks Grand Final Hoodoo beating De La Salle

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

For the past several years these two teams have faced off in the Grand Final. Up until this point it has been De La Salle with the wood over their rivals Engadine. Previous grand-finals have all been extremely close with De La Salle always managing to prevail by the smallest of margins.

Who can forget the 2018 Grand Final between these two teams which was locked at nil all until the very last seconds of the match before De La Salle spread the ball wide and scored in the corner to take the game on the bell.

2018 - De La Salle's last minute try to defeat Engadine in the Grand Final

This years’ Grand Final match-up was destined to be another close battle coming down to who would want it more. Similar to previous year’s the game was extremely tight with both teams not giving an inch and points being extremely hard to come by.

At 6-6 heading deep into the second half the premiership was up for grabs to the team that wanted it the most. As the match wore on the Dragons continued to apply pressure hoping to force a crack in what for several years had been an impenetrable armour of De La Salle’s.

Seizing the moment, a determined Dragons outfit broke through late in the match to score the winning try to finally break the hoodoo and become premiers in a hard fought 12 - 6 victory.

Congratulations Engadine !!! We can’t wait to see how the next chapter in this great rivalry unfolds.

Pictures: Adam Wrightson

For high resolution photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ejH6KwRGe3sUr1WL9

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