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De La's on Fire winning Open Gold Premiership in 2020

In what would ultimately be a game of two halves it was Como who took the early ascendancy out enthusing De La Salle in the first half forcing their opposition into a number of unforced errors. While Como were not able to get across the line, 3 penalty goals would see them take a 6 - 0 lead into the big break.

If Como could have written the script I would suggest they would have not bothered about half-time at all having all of the momentum and their opposition a little rattled. On the flip-side, half-time was exactly what De la Salle needed enabling them to regroup and reset.

In the second half it was all De La Salle. Playing disciplined football they changed gears and pulled away. Como were gallant in defeat going down 30 - 10. The A-Grade trophy returns to De La Salle until we do it all again in 2021.

Congratulations to the entire De La Salle club and senior teams on today's victories. De La Salle also took out the Open Silver Premiership against Como earlier in the afternoon 16 - 6.

Pictures: Adam Wrightson

For high resolution photos:

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